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At WebMechanic, we specialise in transforming small to medium-sized businesses through innovative SEO and website design solutions. Our unique approach combines cutting-edge design with tailored SEO strategies to ensure your online presence stands out and thrives.

What sets us apart is our commitment to you and your vision. With extensive entrepreneurial experience, we delve deep into each project, offering profound insights that result in a bespoke product, perfectly aligned with your brand's identity.

SEO & website Maintenance Service

We believe your business should be an extension of your personality. That’s why we work closely with you, creating a seamless connection between your business idea and your unique self, ensuring an authentic and organic growth.

Join us at WebMechanic and let’s build something extraordinary together.

Keeping Your Wordpress SEO Optimised And Up To Date!
Affordable SEO Care & Website Maintenance Driven Packages
Is your Wordpress Website SEO Optimised for the Search Engines ?
Is your Website loading fast on Desktop and Mobile ?
Are you Updating & Maintaining your wordpress Website ?
Do you know that a Poorly Maintained Website gets very few views?
Are you with a good Hosting Company?
Is your Google My Business Account up to date and Maintained?
Do you need our help to resolve other website issues ?

Our Services

Best SEO Services
  • Instal & Configure SEO Plugin.
  • Fix SEO Settings on WordPress.
  • Optimise Pages, Posts and Images.
  • Fix Technical Issues.
  • Speedup your Website.
  • Improve Search Engine Rankings.

Wordpress Website Maintenance
  • Keeping your WordPress installation in Healthy Condition.
  • Updating Plug-ins.
  • Checking wp-config.php.
  • Correct .htaccess.
  • Upgrades +more.
  • Secure your Website.
  • WordPress Maintenance Service.

Hosting Issues
  • Website and Domain Migration.
  • Optimising your Hosting Environment.
  • Let your website breathe and talk to everyone.
  • MySQL Optimisation.
  • Image Compression Solutions.
  • CloudFlare CDN Setup.
  • Server Maintenance.

Google My Business
  • Set-up or optimise Google MyBusiness Account.
  • Google MyBusiness Maintenance.

Wordpress Fixes
  • WordPress Bug Fixes.
  • WordPress & Server Updates.
  • Plugin Updates & Configuration.
  • Contact Form Errors & Email errors.
  • Theme Errors & Theme configurations.
  • WordPress Redesign.
  • WordPress Maintenance.

Hire Us Hourly
  • Hire us for quick fixes.
  • Install and Configure Plugin.
  • Migrate website to another Server.
  • Migrate Domain.
  • Update website.
  • Redesign web pages.

Web Design & Development

Designing & Developing WordPress websites according to your needs. Aesthetically approaching your vision, technically formatting your functional needs for client interaction and overall good practices in all stages related to modern protocols.