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Icon Management is an Influencer Marketing Agency and is another sister website of Social Media elite and Viral media. Again the guys liked what we did with both of their previous websites and wanted us involved with their other business.

Icon is fast becoming the Largest Influencer Marketing Agency in Ireland with the help of its Sister companies that provide all the necessary tools to create a Top Brand.

Icon is built in WordPress, with the latest Oxygen Builder elements, re-designed to complete its corporate image. We like working with Oxygen as it allows more freedom to design what the client requires and needs no expensive yearly updates that other theme builders ask for. We provide lifetime licences and plugins so the client doesn't have any extra expense throughout the year.

All SEO foundational tasks were carried out along with a full Google MyBusiness Optimisation. It is now ranking very well on the search engines and we continue to come up with better ways to improve on that performance.

WebMechanic are also Maintaining Icon Management on a monthly basis to keep it optimised at all times and updating Server, WordPress and any plugins that need attention.

We have also moved Icon Management to Mazer where the staff there are more than happy to help both Our clients and WebMechanic with any issues, making it a very safe place to host our websites.


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