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Kash Beauty Ireland

Kash Beauty are a new beauty brand that came to the market only a couple of years ago and is now becoming one of Ireland's biggest Brands.

Kash is built on the Shopify platform and we were asked to take a look and see where it could be Optimised More. The website needed extensive SEO in its overall content so the information was being correctly displayed and potentially ranked on the search engines. Pages, Posts , Collections, Products and images needed proper Titles, Descriptions and alt text. Along withy that the new website needed to be indexed by all the major search engines.

We carried out extensive Content work on their Google MyBusiness account and included many of the most popular products and collections fro their Brand.

We now manage Kash on a monthly Basis as new products and coming in all the time and each one needs to be optimised both on the website and also placed on the Google my business account.

We are always looking for new ways to improve are services and keep up to date on the techniques we can use to improve this business. We also look out for any upcoming changes on the search engines so we can advise our clients on the best course of action.

We have being looking after Kash Beauty now since the very beginning and will continue to do so as our clients and very happy with us keeping their business up to date and secure.


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