5 Marketing Strategies To Put Your Company Ahead

5 Marketing Strategies To Put Your Company Ahead

Here are our top 5 Marketing Strategies to Put Your Company Ahead Of The Game and reach more Clients.

  • Know The Why, What & How Of Your Business.
  • Build An Optimised And Mobile-friendly Website.
  • Set Up An Email Marketing Platform.
  • Specialise In One Social Media Platform.
  • Target The Right Audience And Keep Them.

Know The Why, What & How Of Your Business

Know The Why, What & How Of Your Business

This Might Seem a fairly Basic Strategy but you would very surprised at how many businesses find it hard to explain why they are doing what they are doing. Every business needs a story behind it and the reason for it so the potential Client can relate and resonate with your business.

You also need to know exactly what it is you are offering your potential client in detail so they are very clear before they make a decision about you and your business.

Finally, you need to be able to explain in as much detail as possible on How the client can contact you and the steps to buying your service or Product. You need to make sure that the client is easily available to you thought all your Physical and Digital Channels.

If you get this right from the very beginning then you will save yourself a lot of wasted time and frustration.

Build An Optimised And Mobile-friendly Website

Build An Optimised And Mobile-friendly Website

This might seem like another very basic Strategy but again so many businesses have a very poorly built website and badly optimised for Mobile users. The majority of your clients will be using Mobile when viewing your business so make sure its a pleasant and easy experience or else they will look for someone else.

Mobile users have developed a very short attention span so your website needs to load fast and get straight to the point as the client opens the home page. make sure that everything within the website is no more than three clicks away with very easy navigation for users.

For Desktop users the same applies so keep it smart and simple with Clear navigation to the various pages. Make sure you Carry out SEO ( Search Engine Optimisation throughout the Entire website or have a specialist do it for you. Ask your web developer to do this for you as many developers do not do this unless you ask. A website without SEO is like a new car without petrol. If you are looking for a New Website then why not fill in our Form and we can give you a Very Good Quote

Set Up An Email Marketing Platform

Email Marketing

This is probably the single most Important Strategy for any business and the majority of businesses do not Consider this. Collecting your Clients email address enables you to build trust and build a long-lasting relationship with your business.

Many businesses out there rely purely on Social media for personal communication with their clients.

Social media is fine for display Marketing Paid ads and Customer care but for personal relationship building, I recommend Email communications

I will write a separate blog about this as this takes a bit of setting up and more explanation on how it all works. If you need help setting this up you can take a look at Mailchimp Or a new Email Platform that you can integrate into your WordPress website Called MailPoet.

If you are looking for any more information on these Email Platforms or want your Website integrated with Mailpoet then Fill in our Marketing Form and we can talk to you about setting this up.

Specialise In One Social Media Platform

social media Platform

I'm sure many will disagree with me when I say specialise in One Social media platform. There are so many these days and more arriving each year. Some people prefer more than others.

It all depends on what audience you are targeting. The older audience prefers Facebook and Instagram. Snap-chat & tik tok for the younger generation and twitter for the big announcements generally.

I prefer Facebook myself as its a bit of a hybrid of all of the others and is the best one for targeting the Right Audience for any business.. If you know how to target with Facebook ads then you don't have to look any further for potential clients.

I see many business Boosting ads all wrong and not targeting their specific audience Correctly. I also see that those who get this right, don't follow up with an email after a client has shown interested. A specific plan needs to put in place before any ad is sent out. Again I will write an article Around some of the strategies when using Facebook.

Target The Right Audience And Keep Them

Ideal Customer

This Strategy is directly related to the four-points I made above. You need to know why you are in your Particular line of business and what exactly you do. By doing that you will know who your Client is and be able to demonstrate how they can avail of your Service or product.

You do this with a good presence online and an optimised website that is mobile friendly. You have a system set up where you can collect up your client's email addresses and can build a lasting Customer base for years to come.

Whether you are physical or an online business or both you know that building that customer base is critical to the survival and success of your business. As you look after the Client you already have, you continue to look for additional Clients and Customers through targeted ads and then customer care so they stay with you.



I hope you enjoyed the 5 Marketing Strategies to put your Company Ahead. I know how hard the running of a business can be. I have been there myself many times. If you can get these mastered then the only way for your business is up and successful.

If you have any question or inquiries we would be happy to advise or work with you on your project.

Please leave a comment if you have any questions or Send us any inquiry on our Contact Page .

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