SEO Explained in Simple Terms

SEO Explained in Simple Terms

Seo Explained in Simple Terms is a Brief Explanation on how SEO works and how all the pieces fit together to make your Business More visible on Google.

There is a lot misunderstood about SEO in business so I have decided to give a simple explanation of what it is.

When I first started to do SEO work I was shocked at the number of businesses that did not have any SEO done on their websites. Many of them do not see that SEO was necessary and that just having a website was enough with no more needing to be done.

This was a huge mistake as a website is just like a book that has been written. Google and all the other search engines read your website like a person would read a book and determine whether its any good or not. If the title and description are not good on your website then the search engines will see it as not very interesting and your website will not rank high as a website of any interest. They will see it as not making a whole lot of sense in their indexing and will deem it as a poor website.  

The Correlation With The Book & Understanding SEO

The Correlation With The Book & Understanding SEO
SEO Explained in Simple Terms

Imagine you are a writer and you have written a book. You title it, you have a short description of what the book is about and depending on this information, people either buy this book or they don't.

So the writer needs to come up with a catchy title and a very attractive and interesting description so people resonate with this book and are Compelled to buy it.

This is a very good Correlation to the way SEO works on a website and how Correlating the two this is so important.  

You have the layout of the book, Pictures, Quotes and interesting chapters so the reader enjoys the whole experience and the meaning of the book. The same principle applies to any website. It needs to be carefully constructed, loads well and has easy navigation for the user or reader.

Then you have the content of the book and again the reader will determine whether this is a good book or not and will have their overall analysis of the entire experience. A website is no different and presents this content through its pages and blog posts. 

Every bit of information is indexed and analysed by the search engines to determine that value of that information and your overall ranking with them. That is just the beginning of the SEO Explained story here.

The Power Of Reviews

The Power Of Reviews in seo

Let's say that this book started to get great reviews and then people started raving about this book to others, that would make this Book very popular indeed with more people knowing about it and reading it. More people would be talking about this and all of a sudden this book is being spread on other platforms by a whole variety of people and organisations who give their opinions, Reviews and so the story continues.  

This is no different from a website that has great content and people want to talk about. The more people talk about it, the more the website is spread and the more reputable people see it and want to talk about it.

The search engines look at all the information and decide that this website needs to be ranked higher as this is what people are talking about and want to see. They know that people visit this website regularly, Comment on the blogs ( Content ) and share this content with their friends and colleagues.

This website becomes an authority and is also connected to other possible authority websites with a reputation for the same Type Content. In the SEO world, we call this backlinking, when websites are connected to one another by mutual respect and linking to one another through their URL link. This is like a CV in a way or an endorsement of the work a particular website are doing or stand for.

Content is King

Content is King in seo

You can talk about algorithms until the cows come home but the reality is, Content is King in all worlds, Physical or Digital and the search engines are dialled into this at their core.

Some of you will attempt the world of Google ads and related ad platforms to be seen and pay for any high ranking but the quality of your content is far more valuable and more permanent.

The search engines can not afford to have anything less than the best websites directly under those who choose to pay for a higher ranking in Google ads and the rest. Their system simply wouldn't work without the constant quality Content from the authoritative websites that are the very reason why Search Engines exist.   

Your Business is about you, so tell your story

Your Business is about you, so Tell your Story

Your website is about you so make sure you tell the best story about you and your business. If you don't know how to do this then find someone who can help you tell your unique story online.

Find the very best (Web Developer ) to make your website flawless and looking aesthetically attractive to the potential Visitor.

Make sure that he, she or they have the passion to see your vision clearly and can present it the way you had envisioned it. Then find an editor ( SEO Specialist ) that can help you put your Title, Description, Pages and content together so you are viewed, reviewed, revered and referenced as a leading figure or business in your locality, County, Country or worldwide. 

It's entirely up to you how far you want to go. whether you are a big or small enterprise, your website has to be done correctly and in order, so people can understand and respond to it. 

SEO is the organising of all information and arranging it in a Constructed format so others can find this information, navigate this information easily and revere its information as something that is beneficial and needed by a particular targeted individual. 

Thank you

I hope you enjoyed this SEO Explained in Simple Terms. Please feel free to comment or share this information with others who might need this information. You should also take a look at SEO Specialist Mathew Woodward who I trained with, from 2019 to 2020. This guy has worldwide Awards for SEO and Blogging and I was lucky enough to be trained by him on one of his advanced SEO courses.

I have another Post that you may be interested in. It is titled 5 Digital Strategies To Put Your Company Ahead. It has some very simple steps to take if you are looking to stand out from other businesses. I hope you find something in there for you and that your business benefits as a result.

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