SEO For Business

SEO For Business

So why is SEO for business so Important ?

An SEO Agency helps drive organic traffic to websites by adding the right Keywords, Descriptions, Content and Website Optimisations.

SEO ( Search Engine Optimisation) offers by far the highest levels of return on investment than any other type of digital marketing but most local businesses do not capitalise on its benefits.

There are several reasons for this but the main one is that most local businesses in Ireland do not understand what SEO actually is and what it can do for their business.  

Choosing the right Seo agency in Ireland is critical for any business. It is not just about getting the right keywords but an overall strategic plan for the entire business.

To put SEO in laymans terms, SEO is optimising your business online so more people can see your website and avail of your services in Ireland.

The SEO agency or Consultant takes an extensive look at your overall online presence and then makes a determination on the processes that will bring this business to the front page of search results for keywords that the potential customer might type in when looking for your service in Ireland.

This process includes optimising all your social media, your website for mobile optimisation , your google my business, keywords, descriptions and link building your content both internally and externally to other websites. Search results and Visibility is the name of the game and visibility to as many customers as possible is what SEO is all about.  


After the basic search engine optimisation is carried out a business can start thinking about Backlinking to other websites. The better the website the better the backlink.

Backlinking is simply you linking to an authoritative website and them linking back to you. It works like a recommendation one would give for a particular business. It adds credibility and the search engines love to promote websites that have credible backlinks.    


Quality Content is another critical part of SEO for business. The content has to be clear and written well so people can understand easily and the topic is covered extensively.

I see many SEO Companies putting in lots of keywords and the content is poor  almost to a point where the Content does not make a whole lots of sense. This is called keyword stuffing and is a disaster for any business who want to rank well in the search engines. Content needs to be high quality so search rankings improve with every piece of content.

Relevant Content is another key point. All content needs to be related to your business so Google, yahoo, Bing and the other search engines can understand your business and rank you accordingly. The more you do the the more online visibility you will get. 

Google search is the most used of all the organic search queries so if you are ranking well on this search engine then there is a very good chance you are doing the same for the others also.      

Web Design

Web design and website structure is extremely important to have right . I have seen too many businesses with very poor designed websites. They are slow loading , not mobile friendly and shockingly are not secure. Search engines hate these websites and any one visiting them will have a very bad experience and not return.

Websites like these will be at the bottom of the search engine and very hard to find when a potential customer is trying to find your business. As a business owner,You need to Make sure your web design is up to scratch. If you dont then you are loosing out on many potential customers.

Organic Traffic

Organic Traffic is not to be underestimated. Businesses are spending billions every year on Google ads to reach their desired customer. One of the biggest reasons for this is they are not ranking very well and getting very little organic traffic and need to reach more customers . With a proper SEO strategy many of these business could be saving vasts amounts of their marketing budget every year. 

For those of you when dont understand what organic traffic is , it basically mean free traffic to your website . You will notice the google ads are placed at the top of each search page and the sites underneath will get the the organic traffic. 

All of those websites that are not paid ads are getting free traffic. They are there because their websites are the websites with the best information and optimised correctly. They will also be linked to many authoritative websites and their Content will be high quality Content. These websites understand  that SEO is a vital part and a ranking factor of their business. They are constantly looking at ways to higher their rankings and to be an authority in their field.

Businesses like these will have someone working in SEO or an SEO company hired to maintain their entire website on a Daily, Weekly, Monthly or Yearly basis, depending on the budget. 

They will be upgrading the user experience, constantly improving Site content, have a set content strategy in place, Site speed will be optimised, Content creation will be added with better rankings in mind constantly.     

SEO For Business


The list of Improvements is endless when it comes to SEO for business. Like i said before, it is the best return by far on a businesses marketing investment. It is critical to find the right SEO Company to work with. One that knows how online traffic works and understands your business goals.

Whether you are just starting off in business or being at it for years, please make sure your website is SEO friendly at least. Get the basics right first. Think who your ideal client is and then imagine them visiting your website. What is the user experience going to be like? is it SEO friendly ? does the site load fast ? Is it mobile friendly ? does it have easy navigation ? is is secure and safe for people to visit ? 

If any of these are missing then you need to fix them or find someone to do this for you. If you would like some advice about SEO for business, please dont hesitate to contact us, We would be more than happy to hear from whether you are Going it alone with SEO or looking for someone to do this from you. We are happy to advise and help in any way.

You can go to the contact page and fill in the form there.

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